June 4, 2016

After a weekend full of fantastic weather, Spirit of Sound celebrated 4 beautiful weddings with great guests and spectacular Bride and Groom’s! Anthony celebrated in sunshine at the gorgeous Ravine Vineyard along with Michael and Stacey on Saturday. With the picturesque views of the vineyard behind the decorated reception location, Michael and… Read More

May 28, 2016

After a long weekend full of rest, our DJ’s picked up the party at 5 weddings on May 28th. Anthony spent his night with Liz and Jordan in the beautiful Starlight Room at Club Roma. Not only did the Bride and Groom bring their dancing shoes, all of their guests… Read More

May 14th, 2016

On Saturday, May 14th, Spencer and Jarek provided musical entertainment at Tony and Vanessa Rizzi’s wedding reception. Following the abundance of food, came a great party! Partnered with John-Michaels and Daniel Ricci Photography, the night was sure set in a party atmosphere! Check out the candid shots of the night below…… Read More

CONNECT Music Licensing

Who doesn’t love getting a gold sticker? We received one for our 2016-2017 membership with the Canadian Disc Jockey Assocation and CONNECT music licensing in the mail today! Find out why ensuring your entertainers of choice have proper licensing through CONNECT here: https://bit.ly/1TA9gDw #celebratebetter with #spiritofsound… Read More

April 30th, 2016

On April 30th, 2016, four of our DJ’s got a head start on wedding season by spending their Saturday evenings entertaining guests from around the Niagara Region for a few of our incredibly fun clients!   From a first communion party, to two weddings, and an anniversary party, Spirit… Read More

Hello and welcome to Spirit of Sound’s brand new website!

Hello and welcome to Spirit of Sound’s brand new website! On behalf of our 11 full-time DJ’s, thank you for browsing around. We hope you find everything as user-friendly we do! We are featuring some new pages on this new website; this page included. We are going to be updating… Read More