Spirit Of Sound was proud to be featured on Four Bride’s Canada, Rich Bride Poor Bride & Rich Groom Poor Groom!
About Spirit Of Sound: The most important elements of any successful event, I’m sure you’ll agree, is the food and the entertainment. We at Spirit of Sound recognize the importance of the entertainment, which is why we will do everything possible to ensure your evening will be a guaranteed success. Here are some great reasons to choose our professional, interactive and innovative services for your special evening. Our reputation precedes us. Based in Thorold, Ontario, we have an outstanding reputation in Niagara, Hamilton and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our business philosophy puts you, the client, first. Our No. 1 goal is to ensure that you are fully satisfied, so that after the event, you’ll highly recommend us to all of your friends and family. This simple business philosophy has been the basis of our success for over 35 years. We’re highly experienced. We’ve done it all, from formal and informal weddings (both big and small), to stag and does, family fundraisers, nightclubs, feasts, bar mitzvahs and more. Our specialty? Italian and ethnic weddings!

Our Vibe: We have state-of-the-art equipment. Our sound equipment delivers highest quality sound, ensuring 100 per cent client satisfaction. We also have equipment for special effects. Want streamer explosions? No problem. Special lighting? Done. A dry ice machine? We have that too.

Music Variety: Our extensive digital music library ensures a complete selection of music for all occasions, no matter what your musical preference.

Pricing: We offer competitively priced dance packages. Our array of dance packages can be customized to suit your budget as well as the amount of dance time you’ve set aside. We have listed all of our Dance packages here for you.

Live Entertainment: If you want live entertainment, we can arrange that, too. We’re the Niagara agent for a number of international recording artists as well as local performers. Please inquiry within for a complete list.

Thank you to all of our loyal clients for your continued patronage and support as we look forward to another successful 35 years 🙂